Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hand Made Gifts

I don't know about you but I know I LOVE it when people make me stuff! And I know my mum does too! Every year I have a tradition for my mum that I make her something for Mothers Day! I find its much more fun! So when it came to my close friend Sandys birthday! I thought she might like something made especially for her also! I made her the card and a little tag book, that had each letter in her name and a little saying that went with each letter about her!

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The IKEA Trip

Yesterday was definantely a big day for me! Since it was Sandy Pandy's Birthday! We thought we would take a trip into IKEA! about a 45 min drive for us! But ohhhh it was worth it! After we stopped drooling and picked up our chins up! We managed to take a look on every floor and grab a few goodies on the way! These were the things I came up with towards STORAGE!

These Cute jars were 4 for $2.50! So of course I had to get 3 packs!

This Wire basket was $2.50 from Storage World, I also grabbed a bigger one to hold all my stickers and rub ons for $11 .... One little pit stop before we left the shopping centre!AND there is this! No I didn't get to buy it on this trip! BUT It is what I plan to buy the NEXT trip along with storage baskets to store and HIDE all my scrapbooking stuff!

Now just to tell the hubby !!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Creative Soul Challenge # 1

I haven't done a challenge for a while now! So I think it's time I got one happening!
Hows about this....

"Something OLD, Something NEW, Something BORROWED, Something BLUE"

You have to use something OLD : This could be scrap paper you have never used, an embellishment you have held on to forever but just cant seem to stick anywhere! A photo you have laying around that never quite made it to the project !!!

You have to use something NEW: Easy right? bought anything recently? Perhaps you have taken a photo of something you bought like a new handbag or something you for for Christmas!? A picture of a new born baby!

Something BORROWED: This may be a tough one! BUT .... you can work it! Did you borrow something off someone ever and not give it back? naughty you haaa Take a photo of it and show us! I won't tell anyone lol Or if you are doing a wedding page, show us what you borrowed! Think outside the box for this one ...

Something BLUE: Ok ONE MAIN COLOUR .... "BLUE" it is! you can have other colours but majority has to be blue, can be teal, aqua, sky blue, dark get it right?

Ok thats it ! Go for it! Due date for this project will be 31st JAN (AEST) .... Don't forget to post your links to your projects in the comments section so we can all have a looksy!

P.s This project can be what ever you like! Tags, Books, layout, Card, you name it! I'll be posting mine VERY soon!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Renaming Project 365 ...

Ok, So today I have decided on a few definants ...

I will be using & customizing the D-Ring "Modernalbum" by American Crafts
I will be going with the October Afternoon papers

I will be using coloured StazOn Ink to stamp on clear acetate paper the Month dividers
I will be still using 12x12 slips along with other various sizes for journaling
I will be making up my own journaling cards
I will be using some sort of digital element to name and date my images

and last but not least ... I will be folding the 3 baskets of clean washing sitting in my lounge room!

{Day 12 Photo}

BUT.... one thing I have not been able to decide on is what to call my project! I thought using "Project 365" wasn't going to work for me now that I'm kinda going solo on it .... SO here are some names I have come up with and I wanted to know which one you thought would best suit!

Nothin But Nauta's
(family blogs name)

Living life 365
365 Days
365 days of life

Through My Eyes

Happy Days

So there are some that just popped into my head.... pick one or purely make one up for me!

Becky Higgins DL

I'm excited! I should be able to use this with my kit! Becky Higgins has released a FREE DOWN LOAD of the journaling cards and a few other goodies on her blog....

Go take a look...


Saturday, January 10, 2009

The Latest Buy ....

On Saturday I happen to drop into my local $2 shop (where nothing is $2 lol) and came across this cookie jar! They have the same idea in the Stampin Up catelogue, So I thought I'd give it a go!

Made up my "Stamps" label and off we went! Not much to it really, but my jar was $11 and THAT is cool!
Products Used: The Tag I used is from October Afternoon, Bazzil Card stock & Versa Color Ink.

This is the $3 Stand I bought for showing off my Project 365! Again, another great buy! I plan on going back on Monday and getting me a few more!

Friday, January 9, 2009

My Project 365 In the Making ....

Today I hauled my pregnant butt and my 2 kids to my favourite scrapbook store and spent me a little money! In hope that I can create my very own Project 365! I'm not sure how long I could wait to see if the kit was going to be available here in Aus. So my good pal Sandy over on Scrappy Habits there, came with me and we brain stormed!

It's late here right now and I didn't get a chance to take a photo of the goodies I bought today so stay tuned for tomorrows blog post cause I'm going to run the whole plan by you! And if you have ANY idea's that can help me out, feel free to leave a comment, I have been blog hopping for a few days now and have found some really creative ppl out there!

So I hope all of you that were able to get the kit enjoy it! In the mean time I'll be scrappin away here!

Friday, January 2, 2009

Melanys "Keepin it together" Pegs!

Well since Sandy and I kinda missed the boat on the Project 365 Kit of the month (for this week anyway) Crazy people sold out and the whole site went down! AND us Aussies have to PHONE to order the kit, after hearing a few stories of ppl trying to call in we thought we'd wait and see what the plan is to get us one each!

Anywho In the mean time, Becky H keeps saying we CAN do this without the kit! I'm finding it hard but here is my effort... I made these Keepin it together" peg clips! So I can print out my pics and journal on scrap paper and keep it all together in order! until we can get our hands on these kits!


VERY simple to make! Just get 7 plain pegs, you can either paint them or leave them raw! Cut out or punch some cardstock and decorate how ever you like! I used chipboard letters for one set and alpha stickers for the other, then label the days of the week.

I'm not sure if anyone has done this before, I'm sure they have but this was my bright idea for yesty! You could also stick a magnet on the back and use them on your fridge! Cute gifts!
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