Saturday, February 28, 2009

RECIPE Books !!!

I am a bit of a nutter when it comes to Recipe Books! What can I say! I LOVE making them! This one here is for my mum, who has been pestering me for some recipes for a while that I make at home! Its basically 2 pieces of cardboard, covered in paper, decorated and I punched some holes in it to put the rings on! Now all I have to do it type up the recipes, laminate them and stick em in!
Easy Peasy People!!!

Another Gift Bag

This Little Bag was pretty easy to make once you have your measurements sorted out. All depending on the size of the little jar or baggy you want to use for inside, is what deturmines the measurements.

1. You take 2 pieces of paper and make them the same size for instance mine were 20cm in length by 8cm wide. I then scored them at 4.5cm, 13.5 and 16cm. Should look like this! The left hand side is the TOP of your bag an the right is the bottom of your bag.
The Bottom end of your bag is where we place either your double sided tape or glue! Then you grab your other length of paper and stick it on there to make the base of your bag!
(so you have a double layer effect to hold you goodies)

Like this ....

Once you have done that, take another strip of card to make the little do-dad that will hold your goodies in! My strip was 22cm. Score this at 3cm, 7cm, 15cm and 19cm to make it look like so...
Place your glue/double sided tape on the two shorter ends as shown here ...

Then place them on one side of your bag! to make a little bracket type thing! I'm so good with words huh!!! A little advice, if you are wanting to decorate this strip do it BEFORE you stick it on! It can be a tad fiddley!

Place your little jar or baggy of goodness in like so...

And bring the other side of the bag up, punch 2 holes in the top and thread some ribbon or string through to tie it all up! Make a little decoration for the front and you got yourself a funky lil bag!
Remember that this is just a rough guide to what I did. It all depends on how wide your jar is or if using a baggy it doesn't have to be a very wide strip that you cut! Have a go, its not too daunting and it makes more sense when you do it yourself!

Products: Stampin up Circle and Scallop Punch, Ribbon, Kaiser Paper " The Lone Ranger" from Stary Night, Black Ink square.

This HERE is where I got the idea from.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Family History Project

For a long time now I have been BUSTING to do a Family History Album, but never knew where to start or how to go about it! SURE its easy you might think, but you TRY gathering names and dates and figure out what linage you will follow or if you will do 2 grandparents from each side, it really just does go on and on!

So I have started to PLAN this out!
So far I have:

This is my Nan, she was a Doll

A rough draft of the linage on both sides of the family

Photographs from my mum, who has the originals and I have the scanned copies! Full


I have collected 12x12 papers that will best suit these time era's & will be looking for a nice D-Ring album to suit this project !

Look at my Pop, isn't he a spunk!
I am SO EXCITED to start this! As I am trying to cover both sides of my husband and my families, It will be tricky to have the album set out in the right order. I am doing this for my children so they get to know the generations gone before them. My family have so many stories about family members that I think it would be a shame not to remember them, how they met and fell in love etc...

Now since I am 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant lol This may take a while, and thats ok, I will be doing a baby album at the same time as well as adjusting to having 3 little girls! So bare with me!

It will be a fun ride! and I will be sharing every step of the way so if anyone out there wants to try the same thing, they can get helpful tips on what makes this an easy fun project to do.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009


SOooo over Bushfires! Even MORE over having no internet!
Long story short! Left town cause of fires, came home, had no internet and have one week to go before bub is meant to arrive! I'm sore, I'm grumpy and I need to get creative! So tomorrow is the day!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A Few Cards - By Me

Last week I went to Sandys house for a little card making! I forgot I made these and hadn't posted them yet so here they are! I think I was going for the whole Valentines theme, but really I'm just addicted to these colours right now hehe

Products: Stampin Up stamp sets "Warm Words" & "Polka Dot Punch" , SU Circle and Scallop Punch, Kaiser Paper, Rhinestones, Ink, Red, Black and Aqua paper from my scrap box!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Gift Boxes & Card

On the weekend I had a Stampin Up party. My friend Sandy has just become a demonstrator and I thought it would be fun being her first party!! Nothing like having some great friends over and being shown some great scrapbooking/Cardmaking techniques! Not to mention the yummy stamps! ohh I love stamps right now!

Any who ... Sandy showed us how to make these SUPER EASY gift boxes! SO COOL that I had trouble doing it hahah (No comment Sandy) and this funky as Card!

The flower on this card spins when you tilt the card!
Who knew a 5c coin could be so handy!

Here is the gift box I made later on when I got right and the Sunny Boy Box !!! I made this one for a friend I Visit Teach! (Church thing) and will be filling it with goodies and this months message!

And this one, though the same colours! These are my hubbies VALENTINES gifts! Well part of it! Again I'll fill them with goodies and a little love note lol Depending on what mood I'm in when I write it haha!

For Instruction on how to make the Sunny Boy box go here
For Instructions to make the Gift box go here

Materials Used: Kaiser Craft Ebony & Ivory Paper, SU stamp Set "Priceless", SU Scallop & Circle Punch, Aqua paper, Black Ink and Kaiser Rhinestones.

The Recipe Book

Here is a little project that I had been working on the last week. My Sister Inlaw bought her first house and as a little gift I made her a Recipe Book! Since my printer is out of action I had to hand write all the recipes! SO its kinda like I dunno OLD School scrapbooking!
I hope it isn't too boring lol

Photo Tagged ...

Ok ( Daniela) Here it is! The 6th Photo in the 6th Folder in my Pictures file!

It's Rylie making her own lunch! She has been practising doing things for herself more like making lunches etc .... for when the baby arrives!
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