Thursday, March 25, 2010

Easter Cake Pops

I sat up last night until 1.30am making 40 cake pops for my daughter to take to school for her class.....

I'm not sure if I'm feeling SO TIRED that I'm moving onto hysterical laughter or if it's the amount of left over chocolate I managed to shove down my throat !!!

either way ... ENJOY!

1 Chocolate Cake, Cook to directions - lick the bowl
Crumble cake into smithereens
Mix in approx. 1/2 cup of (made) chocolate icing sugar
Mix like you have never mixed before - lick the spoon
Roll into balls - lick hands
Stick in the freezer until hard ... much easier working with hard balls! Ummm ok
Melt 1.5 blocks of milk chocolate - eat remaining .5
By this stage you will be pretty wired... so have a drink of milk!
Stick your stick in and dip in chocolate, a spoon helps!
Drain off excess and dip in annoying 100's & 1000's
Feel free to lick the spoon again - because you now have to pick up all the 100's & 1000's off the floor you just spilt!
Sit on baking tray with baking paper - do NOT bake!
Place in fridge to set - tie bows around sticks or just skip that bit and eat!

To the parents - Enjoy your wired little kid for the beginning of the school holidays!
no no ... don't thank me! ANYTIME!

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